Rich Blood.Broke Pockets

It's been a long time coming but it's finally about that time. The solo hip hop artist James Bunch bka WYLDBUNCH presents his first independent album release due to drop in 2011. This EP will be a "Must Have" collection of classic hip hop bangers. Real hip hop heads can look forward to hearing some official hip hop head bangers on this project.
This 17 track album will feature production and collaborations with some iconic figures in the hip hop world which include favorites like Ayatollah, Rasco (Cali Agents), and Lord Tariq. Also featuring production from top notch, up and coming producers from all over the world such as Street Symphony Records CEO/producer Amazing Maze as well as Tim Taler, Mr.Blaze, Howard Lloyd, Noize Thievery, TwoManics, and more. "RICH BLOOD.BROKE POCKETS" is an album that will show and prove that real hip hop is still alive, strong, and speaks to and for people in all different walks of life. As the title of the album implies, that even though we live in a world where money is the root, true quality and self value can only be measured by that which is within you and not by ones financial status. Basically, if he or she doesn't naturally have it, the richest person on earth can own the talent show but will never own talent. Some things money just can't buy!

Although the full length LP isn't available yet, WYLDBUNCH has released his 1st single entitled "UNFORGIVING WORLD" from the upcoming project. Written and performed by James Bunch (WYLDBUNCH). Produced by Germany's own TWOMANICS. "UNFORGIVING WORLD" is an enticing taste teaser of the type of flavor real hip hop lovers can expect from this album.


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